Becoming a friend over the years, becoming a fan as well doesn’t help to write simple yet intelligent words to do justice for Frederik, as a person, as a rider, or whatever box there is, waiting for a label. 
Fredi doesn’t need a label, he creates the label. His own.
This label shows in pretty much whatever he does, be it his snowboarding, his DJ activity, or creating the streetwearbrand „Atreebutes“. 

I stop and think for a second, what would be, if Frederik never had chased his dreams, it leaves a sad note, appreciating and admiring even more his achievements. I’m getting nostalgic. Wrong turn. 

Instead of slowly dying losing his dreams, Frederik used his talent and became more than a household name in snowboarding. Fredi has drawn his own path. He is a perfectionist, he’s progressive and he’s original. 

Everything he does seems to be rooted and coming from a deeper, fair minded attitude.

There would have to be bigger forces on this earth to bring him off anything he commits his mind to.
Kind of like the mountains surrounding Saas Fee, the town Frederik grew up in. 

His calmness is that of a cat, his hunting as well.

A picture tells a thousand words.

Martin Luchsinger