Bluebird crew in Saas-Fee

Perfect weather and good powder for the arrival of the Bluebird crew in Saas-Fee. I was very excited to show them some of my favorite runs in my backyard. The boys were stoked and up for a good session off piste and away from the crowds of people. Fun times with a fun crew. Big up to: Wastell, Otterstrom, Strom, Dowell, Chuck, McMillon...The Bluebird crew

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FK wrote on 06.03.2011 12:30:45 en

Definitely! Stoked that Burton is making split boards again for next season. I am gonna split board some spots in May. Holler..!

David Dietzgen wrote on 06.03.2011 00:33:39 en

Did you guys have lunch at the Britania? I was able to spend some time at the old Glacier Hof, when it was apartments and became a full time mountain person ever since. Dude doesn't it make you want to split board?

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